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Leslie Stern

Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM)

Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN)
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Registered Lactation Consultant (RLC)


I always knew I wanted to work with families to assist and empower them. I first became a lactation consultant in 1997, while I was in school at Columbia University, attaining my Masters in Nursing as a Certified Nurse Midwife and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. Before that, I graduated with my Bachelors degree in nursing from the University of Vermont in 1992 and then worked for several years in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  Knowing that I wanted to be around birth, began working at the Long Island Birth Center and Glen Cove Hospital.  I found that I had a special love for helping Moms and babes with breastfeeding. I now have two children of my own who have both been happily breastfed. They are now teenagers...treasure your babies and don't wish away the time for them to be older. It goes by in a flash!!! 

Beyond Birth Lactation was born in 2010 and continues to grow.  I am grateful to love the work I do and those I work with. I am extremely honored to be part of peoples' lives at a such a special and intense time.

Lorraine Rocco

Registered Nurse (RN)

Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN)
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Registered Lactation Consultant (RLC)

Perinatal Mental Health Certified (PMH-C) 


My love of birth and breastfeeding began with my first child. I had many challenges and felt so overwhelmed! The support I received was so compassionate and comprehensive that it inspired me to want to do the same for other parents.   

At that time I was a pediatric bone marrow transplant and oncology nurse at Duke University Hospital.  I took some time off to be a stay at home mom for a few years and volunteered as a breastfeeding counselor. When I returned to work I was lucky enough to secure a job at the Women’s Birth and Wellness Center as a labor, birth and postpartum nurse.  I have since had many years of experience assisting with births both in hospitals and in birth centers.  

I became a lactation consultant in 2011 and have grown and developed my skills, knowledge and intuitive know-how over the years.  I also have a strong mindfulness meditation practice that I weave into the work that I do. I particularly enjoy working with new parents struggling with mood disorders and/or birth trauma. I provide gentle support during lactation visits as well as through group and individual mindfulness coaching and birth processing sessions.  I also work hard to keep on top of local support groups and other referral sources for these families.

I love to support new families in their transition to parenthood and I am continually humbled and awed by the experience.  I have three kids that are now in the teen and young adult phase! I love eating good food (not necessarily cooking it;), singing, creating art, and the soaking up as much time as I can in the NC mountains! When I am not serving families I am usually hanging out with my own.

Mattea Alexander

Masters Public Heatlh (MPH)
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Registered Lactation Consultant (RLC)

¡ Se Habla Español !

(Mattea is fluent in Spanish)

As the oldest of 6 kids, taking care of families has always been second nature for me. Intending to go to medical school I went to Boston University for undergrad where I quickly learned I wanted to have a more holistic approach to healthcare but didn't know how this could happen, so instead I spent 10 years working in tech, traveling the world implementing software systems. I was always helping new families as a hobby and made the plunge to become a Doula in 2016. Doula work quickly led me to North Carolina to obtain my MPH in Maternal Child Health and complete the Mary Rose Tully Training Initiative to become a Lactation Consultant. It is here that I can weave my love of families, with my interest in science and the body, with the mental and social intricacies of the postpartum period of lactation and infant feeding.  I feel complete. I live in Carrboro with my girlfriend Hilary, 3 kids, a dog and cat. In my free time I love yoga, music, cooking from scratch, road trips, traveling to Latin America, planning parties and fighting health disparities. 

Beth Myler FNP, IBCLC

Family Nurse Practitioner

Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN)
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Perinatal Mental Health Certified (PMH-C)

Je parle Français !

(Beth is fluent in French)

Beth Myler, FNP-C, IBCLC, PMH-C


Breastfeeding has been my passion since I was a US Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroun from 1994-1996.  Well before I had my own three children or clinical training, I had the very fortunate experience of living in a culture that normalizes infant and childhood feeding at the breast. I consider my time in Africa to be the most formative education of my life- inspiring both a humble appreciation for the life-saving technology of modern medicine as well as the brilliance of human mammals when our innate biology is nurtured and supported. I went on to earn my Bachelor of Science in Nursing at John’s Hopkins University and later my Master’s of Nursing from Georgetown University.  I have worked in Pediatric/Adolescent Medicine, Women’s Health, Psychiatric/Mental Health.  I volunteered as a La Leche League Leader when my sons were young and I continue to rely on my network of friends and colleagues who are walking the road of imperfect parenthood with me.  I became an IBCLC in 2009, working in private practice for over 10 years with the last five of those combining my dual hats as a primary care provider and lactation consultant bringing breastfeeding knowledgeable care into newborn and primary care visits where new parents often receive confusing and incomplete information.  


During the challenging early days of the pandemic, our family relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. I additionally became certified in perinatal mental health screening and treatment.  I recognize how overwhelming new parenthood can be, especially in today’s world, and also when feeding challenges are present.  I take the time to understand you and your child’s unique history, current symptoms and circumstances and can work with you to feel better and achieve your breastfeeding goals.    

Special Interests:  Low milk supply, breast/nipple pain/infections, perinatal mental health.

Teresa Hobbs RN, IBCLC

Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN)
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Teresa Hobbs, BSN, RN, IBCLC, RLC

I first became interested in breastfeeding and lactation after the birth of my first child in 1993. I knew that I wanted to nurse my babies, but faced so many challenges from the start.  At that time there was not an IBCLC on staff in the hospital to assist with breastfeeding, but with the help of an experienced and kind IBCLC in my OB practice, I was able to get off to a good start when my son was 5 days old.  She invited me to my first Art of Breastfeeding conference and I was hooked from that day on! I had my second child in 1999 and again had some challenges early on, but had the help of an IBCLC this time, who was also a good friend.  With her guidance and expertise, we quickly got off to a good start. Both of my kids were happily breastfed for several years and that journey is something I will always cherish.  I soaked up everything I could about breastfeeding and lactation over the next few years. I became an IBCLC in 2003 and have since helped numerous families navigate the early days of breastfeeding challenges and was dedicated to providing evidence-based care to help families reach their breastfeeding goals.  I graduated from Watts School of Nursing in 1985. I began my career at Duke Regional Hospital (then called Durham County Hospital Corporation) in 1982 as a nursing assistant. I have recently retired after almost 40 years working at Duke Regional. Over those years, I have worked in general medicine, medical-surgical, pediatrics and mother/baby. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in 2012, from Chamberlain College of Nursing.  In my spare time I enjoy making jewelry, wood working, thrifting, collecting vintage Pyrex and spending time with my family. 

Sejal Fichadia IBCLC, RLC

I became a lactation consultant in 2016 with the goal to provide evidence-informed care for new parents and their babies. My humble beginning as a postpartum doula for singletons and multiples in 2014 put the pieces of my career puzzle together for me. I feel that when you help a new parent nurture their baby, you are helping the entire family feel nurtured.

A simple equation I follow is a well-fed baby at the breast/chest= a happy baby = a happy family. My goal is to help you meet your goals.

I have been living my mission for 4+ years. I enjoy every day and every moment of my work. I bring a lot of skills and experience to the families I work with. I have a variety of ways I support the families I serve, and those include kangaroo care for full-term newborns, breast/chest feeding support, postpartum doula care packages, private as well as group classes on TummyTime!™ method, infant massage, infant care, and breastfeeding/chestfeeding, support for adoptive parents and more.

I’m also very proud to be from India, a culture that is known worldwide for its heritage and hospitality. Not only is helping parents and families in my nature, but it’s also a big part of the way I was raised!

Feel free to reach out: I love hearing from new people, and you can look forward to some yummy food if you hire me as your doula and of course good ol’ Indian hospitality.

I believe that skin to skin contact and human milk are the foundations needed in infancy and the outcomes for our babies are vastly better by providing these two forms of care. Research says it too.

Chelsie Long IBCLC, RLC

I obtained my Masters Degree in Social Work from the joint program with UNC-Greensboro and NC A&T. After graduation, I found myself in the Life Insurance field working as a Business Development Coach for independent agents. However, I became passionate about Lactation after the birth of my first son during COVID in 2020. My journey to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) began in January 2021 and I became officially certified in December 2023. When I  am not busy taking care of my two boys, I enjoy hiking, traveling with her family, or reading a good book. 


My name is Alina! I am a Registered Dietitian and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I became an IBCLC in 2019 so I could serve families with their infant feeding goals.

My background as a dietitian since 2014 and later earning my Master’s in Public Health in Maternal and Child Health alongside my IBCLC taught me that lactation goes beyond just baby eating at the breast/chest. There are so many nuances in infant feeding that I enjoy helping families navigate and overcome. Likely many, our personal experience and passions drive us to better serve families. 

When I became a mom in 2021 I learned how humbling lactation challenges can be while recovering postpartum. Becoming a mom again in 2023 only continued to enlighten me on the many real life experiences families face after welcoming their precious babies into the world. These experiences strengthen my desire to help parents with challenges like latching difficulties, weight gain concerns, milk production concerns, pumping and flange fitting, food reactivity, introducing solids, tethered oral ties and truly any obstacle thrown at families while taking care of a new baby (or babies).

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband and my two boys. You will find us outdoors during the warmer weather working off that boy energy! Additionally, I consider myself a foodie. I really enjoy eating and trying new recipes. I also enjoy a good cup of coffee and conversation to fuel the soul. 

Alina Rivera MPH, RD LDN, IBCLC
Monique Sparks

Pumping Educator and

Flange Fitter Extraordinaire!

Monique is our Team Care Coordinator!
She has found her passion of working with families and their babies.  She is caring and dedicated to making your experience with BBLS as smooth and as supportive as possible.

Monique has done it all! 
Everything from styling celebrities to interior design, to modeling, and to running her own jewelry business.

She has 4 children that she dotes on and has shown incredible strength and grit through some of her own serious health issues. This has helped her to be the compassionate person she is today. 

There is nothing that Monique cannot do! She is also our resident
Pumping and Flanging Fitting Extraordinaire! 

She offers 60 min comprehensive Pumping Education sessions in the office and via telehealth.  She also offers a Pumping 101 class.  We are able to bill most insurance plans for these.  

No need to bring your baby! Just grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte on the way over to sip as you troubleshoot, hone, and become your own pumping expert.

Monique will empower you to get there all the while dazzling you with her brilliant British accent! 

Stephanie Jacox, BSBM- Practice Manager

Bachelors of Science in Business Management

with concentration on Leadership

My primary life goal has always been to help others, and as a natural leader, I have landed myself in many large & small leadership roles. From leading thousands of employees in Healthcare Corporations, to starting & leading many of my own businesses, I have a true passion in the small business realm. 

As a mother of two boys, I got to experience the world of lactation for myself, nursing my youngest for over 4 years! Although at times it was magical, it also wasn’t a walk in the park. I quickly learned that there are challenges that parents face, when it comes to feeding our children, that most don’t talk about or know the help that is available. This is where my passion & life purpose collided!

I am blessed to be a part of Beyond Birth Lactation Services, where I can not only utilize my leadership skills, but also follow my passion of helping others along their journeys with their new bundles of joy!


Staff Retreat - Carolina Beach - 2024

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