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Breastfeeding Consultations

What happens at a consultation?

We start a consultaiton by taking some time for us to get to know each other. Then, we will take a thorough history of your pregnancy, birth, health history and nursing experience, and we will explore what difficulties you are currently going through.  We will be gently examining you and your baby. We would very much like you to feed your baby while we are together, so we can see what is happening. We will have a pediatric scale available for your baby's weight and/or weighted feeds. 


Most initial visits last about 1.5  hours. We'll be together until all of your questions are answered. We will discuss a care plan with suggestions or referrals to other providers (if necessary). As needed we will be in communication with your baby’s pediatrician and/or your health care provider. If your health insurance is one that we accept, you do not have to do anything except bring your card. If not,

***Client is responsible for a cancellation fee of $50 

if appointment is canceled in less than 24 hours of visit time.  

Initial Consultation

An initial visit lasts approximately 1.5 hours. Visits take place at Beyond Birth Lactation Services, with your baby.  We can also offer some visits virtually, via zoom, Email follow-up through our secure portal is included at no extra cost and is encouraged.  Twins or multiples would be an additional charge if you are paying out of pocket.

We also see people for induced lactation, re-lactation, or adoptive breastfeeding.  

We are trying to help as many families as possible and book up extremely quickly.  

Follow-Up Consultation

Usually last 1+hour. We’ll review how your care plan is working for your family and reassess any breastfeeding concerns you may have. We love having follow up appointments with families even when things are going work on alternative nursing positions, tummy time and ways to connect with your baby and help them have better mobility, back to work concerns, paced bottle feeding, and bottle refusal,

Prenatal Consultation

During a prenatal visit we’ll chat about what to expect with the early days of nursing, the “golden hour”, signs of hunger vs. satiety, the mechanics of making milk, how to know if your baby is getting enough, realistic expectations about how your sleep will change, your baby’s physiologic needs for feeding and attachment, and we can touch on positions for nursing and latch mechanics. We will do a breast exam and teach you how to hand express your colostrum. You’ll then reach out to us after you baby arrives and we will try to get you on the schedule for your initial visit (with your baby) around day 3-5 of life.  

Weight Checks

This is a quick check on how your baby is doing.  We will weigh the baby and do a quick update. This wouldn’t include a feeding though. If that is needed, we’d change it to a follow up consult.

Professional Flange Fittings and Educational Pumping Sessions

Usually covered by insurance, these appointments are for anyone who is currently pumping, or will be pumping to produce milk.  These can be done in person and occasionally virtually. Follow ups are also available for this type of appointment. 


We will cover the importance of having the right size flange for your pump, and fitting you as best as possible so you can make the most amount of milk, in the least amount of time and hopefully without any discomfort.  

We will cover alignment of the flanges, how to correctly, prepare the breast prior to pumping, milk, storage, cleaning of parts, how to use your/a pump, in addition to lots of other tips, tricks and hacks to help make your life easier. 

You may have questions during your visit which will be better suited for an appointment with your IBCLC.  

For these visits we ask that you come without your baby or if that's not possible try to bring a support person with you to snuggle your baby, so you can soak up all the information. 

We are in network with
  • Aetna (including Duke plans)
  • BCBS (including Blue Local, Blue Home, or Blue Value) 
  • Cigna 
  • UHC/UMR 
  • Tricare (as a certified out of network provider)
  • VA (Veteran Health Care)
Some BCBS plans are HMOs or "grandfathered" plans that don't cover lactation visits. We can check your benefits before scheduling. 
If you'd like to check if we are in network with your plan,
the NPI number is 1326730250 and the EIN is 27-5401540
If you are paying out of pocket, *Payment is expected at the time of the visit, unless we let you know that your insurance will be covering it. We accept cash, check, credit card, paypal, or can invoice you through square.
If your insurance doesn't cover lactation visits, we can give you a superbill for you to file with your insurance company for some or full reimbursement (policy depending). 
Feel free to ask us more about this and how to go about getting preauthorization for your visits. Also, please know that we do not refund visit fees.
At this time, if you are covered by a different company, you can call the number on the back of your card (*You may need to escalate this to a supervisor) and ask for a "gap authorization" stating that there is no one in network as a lactation consultant within 30 miles of your home, and that you want preathorization to have our services covered. Here is a toolkit, which may help you with the language you need to call your insurance company.
 Unfortunately, some companies are just not compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which says that lactation support should be provided to moms without cost sharing to them.  If you are fired up that your insurance company is not compliant with the ACA, you can send a complaint to the state insurance commissioner. Here's the link:
If you have a plan that we are not in network with, and you're upset about not getting the lactation care covered by your insurance company, the insurance company needs to hear from YOU.  We try to complain, but YOU are their customer and what you have to say has a lot more weight than my comments to them. 





Beyond Birth Lactation Services has been a postpartum blessing on my lactation journey after having my second baby.  Leslie and her team (Mattea, Lorraine, and Monique) are all truly impeccable people.  You can tell they sincerely love what they do, are extremely attentive, and genuinely want to help you meet your lactation goals.  Whether it be for breastfeeding or pumping, preventing clogged ducts, reducing/increasing your supply, identifying tongue/lip ties etc., the team will work with you on where you are, and to help you get to where you need to be.  

I have literally had an appointment with every single team member, and I can attest that they are all amazing no matter who you see.  I have seen Mattea and Leslie immediately postpartum  for breast flange sizing, clogged ducts, and prevention of mastitis.  Not only did they treat me, but they also gave me educational videos to help with lymphatic massage and breast gymnastics to help my milk flow.  Having the correct flange size after having my second child has also truly made a difference.  Prior to coming here, I had seen 2 other lactation consultants that had sized me at a 36 mm (with my first son) and a 28 mm (while I was pregnant with my 2nd) when I am actually a 17mm.  Although the body changes and so can your flange size, having the correct has been a total game changer with pain and milk production.  I've also seen Lorraine for follow up with positioning and learning about laid back breastfeeding.  The team has also helped me read my baby's cues while breastfeeding as he grows.  I've also learned how to breastfeeding while in a ring sling carrier which has been a life saver around the house.

The facility is located in Durham in the Madison Centre and has plenty of parking.  The suite is very warm and welcoming (tea and water and small snacks available) to both parent(s) and baby.  Each lactation consultant has a comfy office equipped with furniture to assist with breastfeeding postures (sitting/reclined/side lying) and pillows to help prop baby or parent be comfortable.  Something I absolutely love is that you can schedule everything by text and email confirmation.  I was able to have appointments virtually and in the office.

Thank you BBLS! 

~Erica S (Durham, NC)

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