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We are currently offering both in person and virtual breastfeeding support


Now Accepting

Babies don't come with instruction manuals. Sometimes it takes mom and baby a while to flow together.

We're here to help!

Why See A Lactation Consultant? (IBCLC)



  • Prenatal consultation to receive information and discuss concerns about breastfeeding

  • No breast changes during pregnancy or after birth

  • Sore nipples or pain during breastfeeding

  • Sleepy baby, or baby that won’t latch onto the breast

  • Baby weight gain issues

  • Previous breast surgery or trauma

  • Breastfeeding multiples

  • Special needs baby

  • Adoptive breastfeeding

  • Infants with a tongue tie

  • Infants with cleft palate/lip

  • Low milk production

  • Over active let down/oversupply

  • Mastitis/blocked ducts

  • Re-lactation

  • Pumping

  • Use of breastfeeding aids (nipple shields, etc)

  • Returning to work or school

  • LGBTQ resources for breastfeeding


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Your baby is not:

Lazy ❤ a "good" baby ❤ a "bad" baby ❤ needy ❤ greedy ❤ difficult ❤ angry ❤ a"dud"​ ❤ bossy ❤ a piranha ❤ a crybaby ❤ rude ❤ spoiled

Babies don't know they're not part of their parent's body until they are 3 months old.  They need to be held a lot so they feel safe. 


They need to eat

8-12x/day and sometimes more! 

Some babies have had a rough start b/c of their position in the womb. They need to stretch out and move more, so they can feel better in their skin.  

Some babies really have feeding challenges that make eating difficult.  

We are in favor of helping babies get their needs met.  

We're here to help. 

Was your birth traumatic?  


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