We are currently offering both virtual and in person breastfeeding support

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Babies don't come with instruction manuals. Sometimes it takes mom and baby a while to flow together.

I'm here to help!

Why See A Lactation Consultant? (IBCLC)



  • Prenatal consultation to receive information and discuss concerns about breastfeeding

  • No breast changes during pregnancy or after birth

  • Sore nipples or pain during breastfeeding

  • Sleepy baby, or baby that won’t latch onto the breast

  • Baby weight gain issues

  • Previous breast surgery or trauma

  • Breastfeeding multiples

  • Special needs baby

  • Adoptive breastfeeding

  • Infants with a tongue tie

  • Infants with cleft palate/lip

  • Low milk production

  • Over active let down/oversupply

  • Mastitis/blocked ducts

  • Re-lactation

  • Pumping

  • Use of breastfeeding aids (nipple shields, etc)

  • Returning to work or school

  • LGBTQ resources for breastfeeding


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Also offering Birth Story Healing Sessions

Our Birth Story Healing sessions can be helpful for anyone at any particular point on the parenting journey. Whether you are struggling with fear about your upcoming birth, are searching for peace with your previous birth story, or if you've experienced a miscarriage or infant loss, healing can happen.

Using deep mindful listening skills, paired with a mind-body technique called Focusing, Lorraine can help you bring presence to difficult emotions. Together we can create a space for life’s forward movement to occur. 

Share and Heal your birth and/or parenting story in the comfort of your own home – at this time all sessions are offered through Zoom.

While Focusing is therapeutic, it is not therapy. It can be a wonderful stand-alone modality for healing and/or it can be a helpful adjunct to those who are already in therapy.

Go to focusing.org for more info about what focusing is.

Pricing for initial "birth story healing" (not lactation) 90-minute session is $120 and $70 for follow-up sessions.